Environmental Sustainability

  • Environment, Health & Wellbeing

To create an environment that promotes health, happiness, prosperity and security and respects privacy, encourages access to nature and open spaces, and promotes health and wellbeing.

  • Transport & Mobility

To establish connectivity without dependence on automobiles, through the provision and promotion of non-vehicular links and convenient public transportation.

  • Landscape, Ecology, Water & Natural Environments

To create valuable landscapes and ecosystems, protecting and enhancing existing features to improve local biodiversity while increasing access to nature and open spaces.
To develop site-wide integrated water management approaches addressing surface water, water supply, consumption and wastewater treatment, and promote within the community the value and importance of water resources to maximize water conservation and protect available water resources.

  • Climate Change & Energy (Materials)

To create a flexible and resilient development that anticipates and responds to climate change dynamics, which is carbon responsible and energy efficient through: passive design forms that address site implications energy efficient technologies, and reliable, efficient and sustainable sources of energy

  • Built Environment

To create diverse and connected places, resilient to evolving human and environmental needs by using high quality design standards for its buildings, landscape and urban spaces.

  • Natural Resources, Waste & Materials

To procure materials and products in an integrated and efficient manner, locally sourced wherever practical and economic, and provide added value through the material flow process by maximizing re-use, recycling and resource recovery throughout the development lifecycle to minimize landfill.

Social Sustainability

  • dubai_pearl_creative_foundation.jpgDubai Pearl Creative Foundation (DPCF)

The Dubai Pearl Creative Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to build a strong relationship with the community and ensure the sustained growth of the cultural and art sector, eventually positioning Dubai as a world-class cultural destination. The Foundation’s primary objective is to identify and provide a platform for emerging talent within the region, in the fields of film, music, fashion and comedy.

To achieve this, the Foundation is exploring the formation of strategic alliances with internationally-recognized institutions. Through an active annual calendar, it will sponsor select productions that will be supported by educational workshops and programmes. The 1,800-seat state-of-the-art auditorium in the master plan of Dubai Pearl will be used to complement the Foundation’s initiatives.

The long-term goals of Dubai Pearl Creative Foundation include the establishment of a dedicated campus, internship and mentoring programmes for young artists in the UAE and the creation of special awards within the four chosen art categories. In all, the Foundation will offer extraordinary opportunities and support for artists whilst providing a visual showcase for art in Dubai.

  • Communication

To differentiate the development through the provision of high quality and advanced information communication technologies, providing a world class environment enabling the development of people, business and community.

  • Education

To maximize opportunities for personal and social development, including promoting accessibility to start-up educational facilities.

  • People Communities and Society

To create places with a unique identity that integrate culture and heritage, where diverse people choose to live and grow into thriving and integrated communities where they can raise and educate their families and enjoy employment and recreation opportunities of quality and diversity.