Indulging Leisure and Entertainment

The downtown area in Dubai Pearl is designed as a hub for upscale amusement and leisure. The entertainment and recreation components include theatres, galleries, wellness spas, street cafés and fine dining restaurants.

  • 1,800 seat MGM Royal Hall and International Theatre
  • 10-screen cinema complex 
  • Roof top multifunction garden terrace
  • Innovative food & beverage concepts
  • Indoor game centre
  • Urban beach club
  • Art Boulevard and gallery
  • Meditation centre
  • Branded spas

Sports Center

  • State-of-the-art sports & fitness facility catering to residents & visitors
  • Designed around the needs of fitness enthusiasts
  • Staffed by trainers and physiotherapists
  • Performance diagnostics, nutritionists, nutrition stores and cafes
  • Fitness & power (Cardio, Resistance Training, Personal Training, Spinning, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Kinesis)
  • Full sized running track, tennis courts, wall climbing and martial arts arena
  • Kids sports area


Holistic Wellness SPA

  • Unique relaxation experiences (Arabian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, European)
  • Customized programs and treatments to heal mind and body
  • Managed and operated by wellness experts
  • Diagnosis and consultation
  • Detox and cleansing
  • Nutritional advice
  • Traditional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine
  • Hammam/sauna/steam room


MGM Royal Hall

At the heart of the cultural scene in Dubai Pearl is the MGM Royal Hall. This 1,800-seat multi-purpose hall will bring to the region uniquely tailored entertainment, including drama, theatre, dance, art, film and musicals all through the year. The MGM Group is synonymous with Las Vegas, from the Grand Garden Arena and Wolfgang Puck to Cirque du Soleil and Studio 54.


10-Screen Cinema

Film aficionados will be thrilled with Dubai Pearl’s 10-screen cinema complex, playing all the latest local and international films. The main concourse of the cinema will offer visitors the opportunity to relax and meet friends at a range of food & beverage outlets.


Art Boulevard and Galleries

The mission of the Dubai Pearl Art Boulevard & Galleries is to establish a community environment in which arts flourish. The galleries will house the work of local and international artists with artwork styles ranging from abstract expressionism to photorealism.


Urban Beach Club

Located on the podium of the Towers, the Urban Beach Club is where the beach meets the city. This chic and relaxing destination appeals to people of all ages, offering multi-use space for swimming, sunbathing, relaxation, walking or jogging.


Library and Lounge

The Library and Lounge is planned as a place of relaxation, with its design blending the best of a coffee shop and a library. Comfortable seating and fine beverages make this a great place to have a drink, a quiet conversation and browse through an extensive collection of literature.


The Piazza

The Piazza is envisioned as an open creative space for entertainment, relaxation and family fun. It offers flexible performance space for plays and live cultural entertainment and could also provide space for street art shows.


Sky Observatory

The Sky Observatory is designed as an observation deck offering breathtaking views of the metropolis of Dubai.